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    …made here for more than 700 years!

    vache abondance

    Abondance cows

    It is the Abondance valley that gave its name to the cow’s breed. They were brought here by the Burgondian people in the 5th century. They are easily recognisable due to their mahogany red coat (mahogany and white) and the dark patches around their eyes (their glasses!). Abondance cows are robust and tough. They adapt to our climate and the mountain profile. They are very good milking cows.

    fromage abondance

    Abondance cheese

    It has been made for centuries because in the 14th century it was on the Pope of Avignon’s table! In 1990 it received the AOC and AOP appelations, giving it recognised status for quality and protection.

    le bethoud fromage abondance

    The Berthoud

    The “Berthoud” is a culinary speciality made from Abondance cheese and Madeira wine baked in the oven. It is enjoyed with bread and potatoes.
    An absolute must!

    In 2020, Berthoud obtained the Guaranteed Traditional Specialty label.

    Visit the farms !

    With the farmers you will visit their farms and animals.
    You will learn all about how the farm works and how they make Abondance cheese and Chevrotin cheese.
    You can purchase top-quality products here.

    Where to eat?

    The village’s chefs will excite your senses with specialities from here and elsewhere.

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